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I thought I’d see how lawyers can use OneNote to be even more lawyer-y. Maybe we should send a copy of OneNote to the team who will be in charge of evaluating candidates!

What is Microsoft Office OneNote for Lawyers?

Microsoft(r) Office OneNote(tm) is a note-taking software program that combines the flexibility of a legal notepad with the efficiency, organization and accessibility of a computer. Attorneys can now write, organize, reuse and share their notes on any laptop, desktop or Tablet PC.

Who Needs OneNote?

OneNote is ideal for legal practitioners — lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, legal assistants and law students — who are assigned to the same cases, are in the same practice group or work on matters that involve more than one practice group and share information. Anyone who takes notes and needs to refer to them or share them later will benefit from OneNote. It is particularly useful for those who:

· Take notes on paper or on a PC
· Do research
· Repurpose their notes to develop more formal documents or presentations
· Attend client meetings, depositions, MCLE, seminars-or virtually any note-taking forum
· Need to share their notes with others

Key Features

OneNote is indispensable to lawyers who use laptops, desktops, PDAs or Tablet PCs. Here are some of the reasons why:

· Multiple device support. OneNote works well on any desktop, laptop and Tablet PC.
· Digital ink. Lawyers can handwrite their notes or draw diagrams and pictures using a pen-input device. Handwriting can then be converted to text for use in more formal documents and facilitate sharing among attorneys.

· Flexible two-dimensional page surface. Many lawyers use symbols or personal abbreviations when taking notes. With OneNote, they can do that, draw schematics, connect lines, and even arrows, anywhere on the page — just like on a notepad. For easy team access, they can share the notes or transfer them to another application.

· Copying and pasting. Lawyers can move notes around in OneNote, or between OneNote and any other Office application — and many non-Office applications. This is especially useful for multi-office law firms whose lawyers work on the same matters from distant locations. OneNote enables everyone assigned to that matter to access the file notes in a central location. Sharing client meeting notes or litigation strategies is both time efficient and cost efficient, particularly in multidistrict litigation or for client matters being handled in different offices,

· Audiovisual notebook. Lawyers can record audio notes that sync with their typed or written notes. Rather than slog through hundreds of pages of typed deposition testimony searching for a point, attorneys can record the deposition in OneNote, flag salient testimony, immediately access and then share the exact sworn testimony with whoever needs it. The deponent can also be recorded visually with a simple plug-in, documenting body language, as well as tone of voice.

· Adding Web content. Lawyers can simply drag-and-drop pictures, diagrams, text and other information from any Web site directly into their OneNote notes. Plus, OneNote automatically includes the Web address so that the lawyer can refer to the information later, if needed.

· OneNote side note. OneNote side note is a small version of OneNote that lawyers can launch with a single click on the Windows(r) Quick Launch toolbar. It opens a small window for writing or typing notes on the go or while working in other programs.

· Dictionary. Lawyers using legal shorthand in OneNote can store the symbols in their customized dictionaries.

Additional Features

OneNote offers lawyers several helpful features that easily organize, find, reuse and share notes

that traditional notepads don’t have:

· Note flags and note flag summary. OneNote note flags help lawyers make timely decisions about what to keep and what action to take. They can be used to mark notes that are important or require follow-up, such as expert testimony or new legal issues requiring research. Flagged notes also create a list of action items that can be viewed in the summary pane and distributed simultaneously to team members.

· Finding and searching. Lawyers can quickly search and find notes they need without having to remember where they saved the information. This is critical for attorneys working on matters that extend over long periods of time, such as patent applications, or for new attorneys assigned to a case. Newcomers can easily hone in on what they need in a central folder rather than sift through someone else’s paper notes — a rather time intensive process.

· Layout and design options. Note-taking does not always follow a logical sequence. In OneNote, lawyers can drag-and-drop notes to rearrange them in a way that makes sense to them and others who need to access them.

· History navigation. Just as in a Web browser, lawyers can jump to recently-viewed note pages without sifting through legal pads or trying to recollect where the note was written.

· Page tabs. Page tabs enable lawyers to easily flip through or rearrange pages in their current notebook.
· Title area. When the notes become too long to fit on the screen at one time, the notes that a lawyer wants to remain visible can be placed in this area.

· Auto saving. Notes will never be lost again because OneNote automatically saves them as they are written. This can be critical for preserving the comments of a key witness or the elements of a client interview.

· E-mailing notes. Notes can be shared in their folders or e-mailed directly from within OneNote.
· Publish as HTML. Lawyers can publish any of their note pages as HTML.


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Greetings from Colorado – again. I am about to run out the door to go white river rafting (of course  I compiled a Notebook of activities before I left) and thought you may enjoy this video which shows how you can use OneNote to plan a trip.  I particularly enjoyed how they used the Research feature to translate a phrase from text that was coped from the web. Luckily, English is still the official language in CO, so I didn’t need to use it.

Here’s the official blurb:

When you’re doing research, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is a great place to gather notes from all kinds of sources. Whether it’s images and info from the Web, notes from a book or interview, or data from other Microsoft Office programs, you can gather it, organize it, and search it all in one place.

Want a snapshot of something on your screen? Take a screen clipping. If it’s a Web page, OneNote even includes the URL automatically so you can find it again. Want to know more about a topic? Look it up in various sources, from reference books to research services to business and financial sites.

Watch the video now and while you’re at it, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t become a white river raft

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Andre from Australia is a regular contributor to iheartonenote.com – here in one place for the first time, is a compilation of some of his tips and tricks posts


Before I visit any prospective new customer I know that it pays big dividends to do some background research. I trawl the internet for news cliipings and visit the companies website to find out about the management profile as well as their financial performance. Annual reports are another great source of information about the company. It makes my intial meetings with a new customer very productive and they usually apprecaite the fact I have gone to so much trouble to understand their business situation. Thats where OneNote is a real life saver. I have a NoteBook titled SUSPECTS. I then have sections for each new prospective customer that I am researching. I love the fact that OneNote allows me to take website clippings or send an entire webpage into OneNote. I use the date stamp on the pages tab to keep an eye on the how the opportunity is progressing and I flag in Outlook tasks to quickly identify if its stalling. OneNote is simply the best and simplest opportunity management tool I have used.


One really great feature in OneNote is the ability to HYPERLINK and to CHANGE THE STACKING ORDER. What this means is that you could import relevant images/pic

tures into pages of your sections as a Visual Clue or Description of your topic and then place a text description as on overlay over the picture. Firstly you need to understand that OneNote allows you the option to change the stacking order of multiple images or texk boxes – you decide whats on top or whats on the bottom. By simply right clicking the image and selecting ORDER you can the image to the background and overlay the Text onto the foreground as a labal. Finally you can HYPERLINK the text label to any relevant webpage, PDF or anything else for that matter that delivers the provision of additional detail to support the main point you are making. Wonderful for making a simple point but being able to recall or action the ‘on-demand’ access to further supporting detail where appropriate. Don’t you just love OneNote!


A wonderful feature of OneNote is the ability to import JPEG or PNG files commonly known as PICTURES and resize them down to a small thumbnail. I encourage you to think of ways to communicate your thoughts and ideas with PICTURES rather than just with WORDS ALONE. Multi-media research by Professor Richard Mayer from the University of California proves convincingly that people learn better from a combination of a picture and message rather than just words alone. Use pictures to tell a story such as showing a BEFORE and AFTER. Visually document progression, especially workflow processes by taking screen shots and embedding them into relevant sections of your NOTEBOOK. to share with your work mates. Finally know that communicating visually within OneNote provides one more really powerful capability – the ability to save pictures in a PNG format. PNG format has one superior advantage over JPEG – the ability to save a picture with a transparent background. The ability to embedd images/pictures with transparency creates a whole new set of creative possibilities – such as creating collages and combining words overlayed onto images. For now I will just wet your appetites and give you all some concrete ideas about how to further expand your creativity by applying specific visual strategies in future blog posts – for the moment start experimenting with communicating visually within OneNote. Don’t you just love OneNote! – I do!


Dont’ forget you can from the menu go into TOOLS-OPTI

ONS-EDITING. Then you will be able to adjust Font type/color/size. If you are like me and partly blind – then a 96pt font works like a treat. Cheers Andre


Create your own customised

pages. Design a page to reflect your own branding or content strategies. Then click the DROP DOWN icon on THE PAGES TAB. Select MORE TEMPLATES AND OPTIONS and finally SAVE CURRENT PAGE AS TEMPLATE. Hey presto you have a standard and professional looking page to use across all of sections and notebooks. It gives you a personal connection with your content and communicates a more professional image when sharing your notebook with others.


I found a really neat and simple way to sync the same NoteBook(s

) across multiple computers that doesn’t require a SharePoint service or any IT knowledge. You download a small application from SugarSync and install it on 2 or more computers.


Once installed you simply place the NoteBook(s) into their MAGIC BRIEFCASE and hey presto! You can work on the same NoteBook(s) across multiple computers and SugarSync will automatically sync any changes made across all computers.

I pay about $9 per month for the service and I highly recommend it, especially when you have a desktop computer at home or the office but travel with a notebook on business.


I have just discovered another really neat business application for this. The ability to create a OneNote HTML business presentation that you could burn to a CD and share with your customers, friends or family. After saving the HTML file and data folders to your desktop – you can quickly incorporate the bit of code that will auto launch and auto run the oneNote Notebook in any computer.

You can download a free bit of code at the following site that creates an autorun for a CD. I don’t know anything about the supplier of thos code – it works but don’t blame me if anything doesn’t work or go to plan. I am only the messenger. Have fun but I think you will get a lot of extended functionality and create a lot of neww applications and uses for OneNote doing what I have suggested – I know that I will!!! http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/autorun.html


Although OneNote has limited decorative

functionality built in with respect to images and text formatting – there is a reasonably efficient work-around if you need to enhance the appearance of some of your content on some of the pages. Leverage the fact that OneNotes pages have a white background. That fact means you could design stunning visuals/images and text labels in PowerPoint for example and then save ach individual slide as a JPEG. You may then import them back into OneNote as JPEG images. Resize them and there you have a stunning visual or text label that looks professional because its white background has blended in with OneNotes white background – to create a professional looking graphic. And you don’t need to save it as PNG with trasnparency but you generate the same effect. Try experimenting with this technique to create really stunning visual content in OneNote that could be shared with others. Don’t you just love OneNote – I do!!


One great feauture of OneNote is its potential to educate our family and friends about the potential of eLearning, digital organisation and collaboration. Take my wife Lorretta for example. Lorretta is typical of the majority of the online community. Only a basic grasp of Microsoft OFFICE, occasional web surfing and searching. A fleeting online purchase through buying flights or books from AMAZON. Its obvious to me that Lorretta is digitally unorganised and just saves files and documents here, there and everywhere. For Lorretta it has to be simple and straightforward otherwise FORGET ABOUT IT! Thats where the simplicity and benefits of OneNote really kicks in.

Yesterday I showed Lorretta how she could take a SCREEN CLIP of a recipe on a web page and file it into her own PERSONAL SECTION of OneNote. She went ‘WOW!’ – this is great. Lorretta didn’t need anymore information about all of the other functionality of OneNote other than that she could clip and save!

Then I showed her how she could just select a portion of the web page and then share it by sending it to her friends. Again Lorretta exclaimed ‘WOW!’ – this is great! In my opinion OneNote has this great potential to help ‘UNTECH SAVVY” internet users fell accomplished and successful. Whats even better is that Microsoft offers a FREE 60 Day trial for anyone! What a great ‘ZERO RISK” offer for any potential start-up. I finished the session by showing Lorretta how she could use the ARROWS and PENS to highlight specific sections of her Web Clippings to make her communications clearer and to the point.

So think about educating your own friends and families about the benefits of digitially organising and sharing their interests with others. I haven’t tried to throw Lorretta into the ‘DEEP END’ and show her the full potential of OneNote. its enough that she learned a couple of things that made her feel successful and competent – she will be motivated to learn more about OneNote’s funtionality over time. But for now she is a loyal supporter and advocate of OneNote with loads of potential even though she doesn’t yet realise it. Its a ‘win win’ for everyone because more knowledge is shared and everyone feels more confident to increase their knowledge through the process – we haven’t yet got to sharing and collaborating online yet; have we? I have discovered through my experience with Lorretta that OneNote is the ultimate software for those people who need to build their confidence and skills in the online world.

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Here is the latest installment of how you, the OneNote fans are using OneNote to make your life better and, of course, save the world:

If you use OneNote in an interesting way, please share it with us below or create a new blog post.

OneNote for writers:

From The Sunlitdesk: I am an untidy writer. I have index cards in my handbag, scraps of paper all over the place and notebooks with just three lines in them. I admit I like hard copies. But it becomes cumbersome after a while and I’m forever losing track of projects. I still like my index cards and I keep a leather compendium for all those loose pieces of paper one collects over the course of a project, but now I keep a Microsoft Office OneNote notebook too. My current novel requires a great deal of research of seemingly unrelated things. OneNote is a convenient and quick way of storing all that research, as well as notes on the development of the novel. It hasn’t made me a tidy writer, but accessing information while I’m writing has become so much easier and now I can manage writing projects without tons of paper. I highly recommend this program for writers.

From the iheartonenote facebook page:


I use OneNote 2007 @ work. I teach and all of the teachers on team, plus our Principal & Guidance Counselors have it installed. We keep all of our team meeting notes, behavioral plans, notes & e-mails to parents in OneNote. This way each member of the team has access to them at all times. During our meetings, we are actively using OneNote. When we assign tasks, etc. We do so in OneNote and it syncs with Outlook. During the week, we can check to see if the tasks have been completed and read any notes about them. It has provided the most organized, easily accessible way to share information among so many people. I don’t know how we could accomplish so much without it!

I’m a middle school teacher at a school with a laptop program. Our teachers use OneNote to create shared notebooks on the school server. Some of our classes are semi-paperless because of OneNote. Imagine being in 7th grade and doing your math on a tablet with a OneNote notebook for math assignments!

Bible Study

The New King James Version for OneNote 2007 is now available. Each book in the Bible is a separate OneNote section, with each chapter in the book belonging to a page within that section. Using the built-in functionality of OneNote 2007, you can insert your own ink notes, view the Bible text and notes in full screen mode, search your ink and text notes, sync your Bible notes between multiple computers, record the audio of sermons and play it back in time with your notes (with permission of course !), and insert additional pages and sections. The text has been specially formatted to allow plenty of space for marking up and taking ink notes: wide margins, double spacing, and more.

If you found this useful, please use the links below to share with your friends.


I keep mentioning how I use Microsoft OneNote to people, and they keep asking about it. I use this program for personal, business and school. I have recipes from blogs, and the blogs noted. Any sewing ideas or blog ideas have their own little spot in my notebooks. I can print all of the deals from MultiTaskingMama and go back through them when I have time to, or date what I have already done to see when I will get that deal.

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Here’s another installment in our continuing series “101 Uses for OneNote.” Hopefully, you’ll learn something new and if you do, be sure to tell the rest of us all about it. (Make sure to read to the end to find you how you can use OneNote for Karoake)

Using OneNote for Design

For those of you in the business of design, think about all the software you use. My personal list includes all of Adobe Creative Suite 3, EditPlus 2, and Microsoft Office OneNote.

Wait a sec…  did I just say OneNote?! Yes, I did!

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you needed to eye-drop a colour from somewhere, or make a measurement, or simply grab a snippet of something on your screen, you’ll understand the importance of your computer’s Print Screen function. But Print Screen is a hassle. After all, it prints the whole screen, leaving you to crop out the unecessary parts. That’s where OneNote comes in!

Among all the cool note-taking functionality OneNote offers, it also comes equipped with a nifty screen clipping function that allows you to take a screenshot of any part of your screen simply by clicking and dragging your cursor over the desired area (similar to how you would select an area in Photoshop). And voila – no cropping required! OneNote gives you the option to save the screenshot to your clipboard (ready to be pasted somewhere) or to place it into a new note within OneNote. It even comes handy with a keyboard shortcut (windows key + s… sorry Mac users)!

Microsoft Office OneNote screen clipping options

I personally love the convenience of being able to take custom-sized screenshots whether I’m using it within design, word processing, or even instant messaging (MSN lets you simply “paste” the image into the message box and then sends it as a file to your buddy).

Use OneNote for Genealogy Research

Gone are the days when all genealogy pedigrees were kept on paper charts, when all correspondence was done by snail mail, and when all your research was copied neatly onto lined paper and piled on top of the foot-tall stack of genealogy papers. Now that there is genealogy software for pedigrees, such as PAF, Legacy and RootsMagic, family historians no longer need to keep everything on hard copy. But finding a good genealogy notes software program is difficult. Try out Microsoft Onenote for keeping your research organized, and you’ll never go back to paper.

Microsoft OneNote is basically a digital notebook; you can have different notebooks, different sections within each notebook, and different pages within each section. The only limit to how much you can keep in your notebooks depends on the size of your hard drive. The real beauty of using Microsoft Onenote for your genealogy research lies in the fact that you’ll be able to pinpoint pieces of information literally in seconds. The notebooks organize the research so easily that there is no longer any shuffling through masses of paper to find one line of notes

Use OneNote for Karoake

Ok – if you think you are going to have a slow weekend, then you should definitely check out this post from John Guin over at Microsoft.

I’m including his screenshot as a teaser!

Here’s what it looks like when I play it back:


Tell us the interesting ways you use OneNote!


I use OneNote for genealogy,

but I do it differently… I use it to archive, at least temporary, documents or sites I found about people in my tree.  For example, I copy to a OneNote page pages from registers so I have a scan of the actual register entry of my grand-father’s christening, or of my great-grand-father’s marriage!  I also have a table listing everybody in my tree and the date of important events in their life, these dates being links to the page where the site or document from which the date comes has been copied.  I don’t know if it’s the best way of doing it. but it works for me and it complements my genealogy program by archiving extracts of the sources of informations :o)


Karaoke!  I just can’t believe it! Laughing

…on the other hand, that’s a flagship of an example for using the synchronization capabilities of ON.

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Here’s a great one for all you fantasy football types (which here is Seattle let’s us keep our minds off how much the Seahawks are currently sucking!

You may want to get ready for next year’s Fantasy football by by implenting the system described below. It may give you some ideas about organizing other activities you are fantatical about 🙂


You fantasy league players know the pains of carrying several draft cheat sheets and sorting though mounds of papers telling you that you should “Forget last season, this year [insert player name] will be the man for his team as well as the sleeper in the league.”

Riii-iii-ght…..I like my method with OneNote much better; especially when the League office has an open WiFi connection to check on player injuries and updates….

Instead of dropping some dough on Fantasy Football magazines, I found that there are plenty of free draft analysis sites available, so why not just use them? I could have used a dartboard and player rosters too; one of these years I might try it.

I set up a new Notebook in Microsoft OneNote 2007, since you can have multiple notebooks in this version. Armed with my “Football” notebook, I proceeded to create folder tabs for each position as shown. There’s an “Overall” tab because the site I used had an overall ranking of all players in the draft, regardless of position. The “My Team” tab is just a spot for me to ink my players names and positions. I could have done this by using a unique highlighter pen on my other tabs, but I wanted a consolidated listing of my team.


I opted not to use the built in “Send to OneNote” feature within IE 7, simply because some of the lists were too long, meaning I’d have to scroll during the draft. It would be easy enough to scroll around, but I wanted to minimize activity since the draft clock is always ticking. Instead, I used the Tablet PC Snipping Tool to grab the recommended picks and placed the clippings in the appropriate notebook section.

Armed with my strategy, I grabbed the 4th spot of 12 in the league and proceeded to run down my notebook by position. I changed my pen to a yellow highlighter in OneNote and as each player was chosen, I immediately “crossed them off”, both on the position page and the overall page. When it was my turn to pick, it was easy to scan down the lists and see the best players remaining at each position. Hmm…I already have the number one rated TE in Antonio Gates, but I see folks passed Chris Cooley up and I’ll need a TE for week 3 since Gates has a bye…..got ‘em!


Oh and let’s not forget the instant search capability of OneNote. Even though all of my data was essentially in images of screen clippings, I could easily search for any player and OneNote found every instance of them in my notebook. This was helpful to quickly see where a player was ranked on his position page as well as the overall page. Hmm…how is Warrick Dunn looking this year?


This approach with OneNote might not have got me the best team in the league, but I wasted no time in my picks; while others were flipping loose pages and scanning through their magazines, I had everything I needed in my hands and I don’t think any of my picks took more than 10 seconds to choose. Again, this approach isn’t rocket science, but the intention is to show unique uses for mobile technology in the hopes that you can apply your own mobile tech solutions.

For the record, here’s my team; they’re all on the bench until I pick my lineup…


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Ok, so you all know how much I love a top 10 list – and the team over at Microsoft has produced a Top 10 Reasons for using OneNote list which I am providing here (looks like at least one person has dedicated 10 minutes to do some marketing for this product!)

So, here’s there top 10 – what have they missed?

Reason 1 Gather your notes and information in one place. Gather, store, and manage your notes and information — including text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recordings, and more — in a single location. Having all your important information at your fingertips can help you make more informed decisions and be better prepared.

Reason 2 Back up your valuable information. Office OneNote 2007 automatically saves and backs up your notebooks, whether stored locally or on a network file share, so you’re less vulnerable to data loss.

Reason 3 Find information more quickly. Powerful search technology with optical character recognition helps you find what you’re looking for more quickly — whether you’re searching handwritten notes, text in pictures, or spoken words in audio and video recordings. You can configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to index Office OneNote 2007 files automatically to incorporate the data into your company’s knowledge base.

Reason 4 Work together more effectively. Shared notebooks give everyone access to the same information at the same time, online or offline. Office OneNote 2007 manages changes for you so that multiple users can work simultaneously in the same notebook—there’s no need to keep track of versions and changes. With Live Sharing Sessions, geographically dispersed teams can view and edit the same page of notes at the same time.

Reason 5 Avoid duplicate work. Office OneNote 2007 makes it easy to collect, store, and search information about projects in a central location. Capitalize on ideas, notes, and best practices when briefing new project teams or team members. Take advantage of OneNote archives to avoid duplicate work.

Reason 6 Organize your way. Organize information in the way that works best for you. See all your open notebooks in a single view, and easily arrange and rearrange your notes with drag-and-drop functionality. You can add hyperlinks to other pages in your notebook so you can quickly find content relevant to the task at hand.

Reason 7 Prioritize and manage tasks and your to-do list more efficiently. Use note tags to mark and easily track actions and important items. Note tags can be customized according to your needs and quickly viewed in a summary pane. Tasks created in Office OneNote 2007 synchronize with Microsoft Office Outlook tasks so you can manage your projects more efficiently.

Reason 8 Make meetings more productive. Office OneNote 2007 gives you the flexibility to capture all of the information presented in meetings, including status updates, presentations, documents, typed and handwritten notes, and more. With all meeting notes stored in one location, everyone has access to the same information, helping ensure that all team members are on the same page and that everyone walks away with a consistent set of action items.

Reason 9 Get up to speed quickly. The familiar look and feel of other Microsoft Office system programs and an intuitive user interface make it easy to get started using Office OneNote 2007 right away. Integration with the 2007 Microsoft Office system means you can share information between Office OneNote 2007 and other Microsoft Office system programs easily.

Reason 10 Improve productivity away from the office. Synchronize your Microsoft Windows Mobile–powered devices with Office OneNote 2007 so you can take contents of your notebook with you and view them on your mobile device. In addition, information you capture on your Smartphone or Windows Mobile–based Pocket PC, including photos and text, can be transferred to Office OneNote 2007 and made text-searchable.

Remember to share this with any non-believers in your life!

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