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Microsoft Office OneNote, usually referred to as Microsoft OneNote, is a tool for notetaking, information gathering, and multi-user collaboration by Microsoft. While many earlier systems relied on linear text flow (simple lists), OneNote visualizes notes as a two-dimensional page. OneNote also adds modern features such as drawings, pictures, multimedia audio, video, and ink as well as multi-user sharing of notes.

In response, members spontaneously offered the following thoughts about OneNote:

Really useful for students (hence me using it) and anyone that need to take notes, loads of notes, with loads of options and features that allow you to manage that data in a good way.

I love this darn thing. Makes taking notes on my tablet PC a great experience. Helps me organize all of my notes, interviews and work. Live as a journalist would be a lot tougher without this.

Probably the best note taking program out there, especially if you have a tablet pc. New features such as graphic to text ocr and the old audio key notes to tie the audio to notes make the utility great for lectures, meetings or seminars.

I have tried several notetaking tools but I ended up using OneNote because it simply has the most features and the easiest to use.
I’ve got all my work and personal notes organized in it. It’s the best app from Microsoft’s Office suite.

Brilliant tool, I use it daily for all my note taking,
then copying info elsewhere to publish, great filing and organisation system. Well worth trying out, definitely one of microsofts most useful applications, needs a lot more publicity.

OneNote is my favorite Office program, primarily because it instantly saves everything that is entered without having to set AutoSave time or repeatedly click save–everything is automatically written to disk. When this is added to Live Mesh, which instantly synchronizes, it becomes incredibly powerful for backup and sharing. OneNote allows for handwriting, text, images, links, and many different input/formatting options for anything you can imagine. It is the digital scrapbook of your computing needs.

I use OneNote most for work-related business. Using it to register all my installation notes, project related information. Connected using my Outlook 2007 it is easy to track back what ive done on which day.
Second handy thing is (windows key + S) to catch a screenshot. Better than installing another peace of software.
Last feature is the task connection to outlook, to keep track of my tasks. When completing tasks this reflects back in my OneNote information. Very usefull.

As a student in college being one of the few to use a tablet, I cant image using any other program besides OneNote. I have NO notebooks besides my little X61 that I bring to every class and take far better notes then anyone else.

I can honestly say that I would have failed out of school long ago if it wasn’t for this program. I also can imagine how many trees I have saved by not using notebooks or paper over the past three years!

I absolutely love OneNote! It keeps me organized for all of my classes, it makes it easier so now I don’t have to always write notes on pencil and paper. It’s clear to read and it’s easier than trying to read my rushed handwriting.

I use this program for personal and for business. I write treatments and scripts in it (later i xfer to final draft)
I do pre production notes/pictures/video audio/ links
I do tasks and lists in it
It’s great! Word? I could live without and go gooogle docs, but One Note rocks.

You can also have multiple people edit one page, so people im working with can check of tasks and add information to select pages via the local network or the greater internet via IP.


Love it. Paste anything from anywhere and place it anywhere you like. Great sorting facility. Password security, multiple people working together, transporting of projects to different PC’s. Everything is great about it.

It’s a great program to be able to take notes, especially hand written. Organizing and sharing notebooks are easy and intuitive which is important if using multiple computers.

The bad part is that the print driver for x64 based machines does not function in the 2007 version and will not be fixed until the next major version release (2010?)

The more you use it, the more you’ll love it. Note taking software isn’t for everyone, obviously. It has helped me in navigating my career a great deal. I am frequently tempted by Evernote, I will admit, but the two applications are very different in the way they store your notes, and I have ultimately found myself preferring the structure of OneNote. I envy the blackberry support of Evernote, however, and appreciate it’s simplicity by comparison. OneNote can be daunting at first. Regardless, one of Microsoft’s lesser-known applications but also one of their best.

My favourite replacement for hundreds of notes made with Notepad and kept in chaos in different folders around PC. However I still look forward to some enhancement in 2010 version, especially the ribbon UI, which I like quite much.

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